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GUIDE for research

GUIDE develops an open source software platform for user interface integration and adaptation/personalization (publicly available mid of 2012). Through an open software bus infrastructure and a user interface model (ontology-based), researchers can easily modify and extend the core functionality of the framework, e.g. be replacing existing core components, or adding new ones. The GUIDE Framework could become a major software platform to support research on HCI, Interaction design, user-centred design, etc.  

Benefit for the research community

“GUIDE provides a new open (source) software platform for research on smart user interface and multimodal interaction.”

GUIDE develops a novel framework for adaptation and personalisation of multi-modal user interfaces. The framework is going to be released as an open source project in 2012. Through its open API for user interface technologies but also core logic itself, it is a potential platform for future projects in the area of HCI.

“GUIDE will bring new findings in user modelling and profile-based adaptation.”

The GUIDE project performs several studies with elderly user in the project. Besides the evaluation of preferred modalities and cultural differences among European nations, project partners especially investigate the effectiveness of UI adaptation, and how it can serve to improve peoples’ quality of life. Further, the project establishes new knowledge in the area of user modelling and simulation. The studies will give important insight on how accurately an adaptation can be selected and performed based on a specific user profile, and also how well a user profile can be generated automatically.

“GUIDE provides a standard for user model interoperability and user profiles.”

GUIDE is also involved in standardisation activities on an international level.  As a member of the VUMS cluster of European projects, it contributes to a joint process of standardisation of user models and user data formats. Through common user model/profile schemes user data can be shared among services. Further, the data exchange from user simulation to run-time adaptation is simplified.

“GUIDE supports the European eAccessibility research roadmap.”

The GUIDE project is continuously collaborating with the European commission and related projects in order to define the research agenda in the areas of eAccessibility and eInclusion. With its partners in the VUMS cluster, and coordination support actions like WAI-ACT, GUIDE can contribute its strong experience in areas like user interface design and TV scenarios, which are currently still underrepresented.


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