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GUIDE for User Interface Technology Developers

The GUIDE User Interface Adaptation Framework can integrate, manage and adapt various kinds of multi-modal user interface technologies (see figure below). Through an open software bus architecture and a user interface model (GUIDE ontology), UI technology providers can easily integrate their specific technologies in the Framework. The GUIDE Framework works as a bridge between UI technologies and the application, whereas the complexity of UI integration and management is completely hidden from the application developer.

Figure: GUIDE - an open architecture for various multi-modal user interface technologies.


 Benefit of GUIDE

“UI technologies can be easily integrated in the GUIDE framework through open and generic APIs.”

The GUIDE Framework makes it easy to integrate multi-modal user interface technology on various platforms. If a UI technology is technically available on the TV terminal device, it can be managed in the Framework by implementing interfaces provided by the GUIDE APIs. The API is based on the same software bus system (inter-process, inter-device) and base ontology for UI specification as it is successfully applied in the UNIVERSAAL project and AAL community. 

“GUIDE manages a complex multimodal user interface and decouples it from the application logic.”

The adaptation of (multi-modal) user interface configurations is automatically controlled by the GUIDE Core system. The user does not have to manually perform settings, or chose the preferred device. GUIDE will manage the fusion of input data and proper translation to events an application can handle.

“GUIDE allows user interface technologies to mutually benefit from each other in interaction.”

The GUIDE Framework can also make use of various user interface technologies in combination. If the user wants to use a gesture and speak at the same time, the GUIDE core can handle the data and map it to a corresponding application event.

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